Classes I teach at Joyce's Sewing Shop

I really enjoy the teachng part of my job at Joyce's. I aim to make my classes  fun and informative as I have always found it is easier to learn if you are having fun doing it. The classes that I teach at Joyce's Sewing Shop include everything from beginner to advanced quilting classes including machine quilting at a sit down machine and  stand up frame quilting. I also teach hand work classes in quilting and applique. There are so many to choose from you can find a class on whatever you would like to learn, and if there doesn't happen to be a class on a particular project you would like to learn or if you are stuck on something there are quilters workshops where you can bring in your project and get some help with it.


This is a picture of the Block of the Month quilt we just finished in the store. I designed it using my EQ7 software. Once the class has finished the Block of the Month quilts I design they are available for purchase

I design my quilts in EQ