How to Prepare Your Quilt For Machine Quilting

It is important to prepare your top prior to sending it to me for quilting. Not only does it make it easier for me to quilt but it ensures there will not be any delay in getting your top on the frame and quilted.

Preparing Your Quilt Top

For Machine Quilting



        Carefully press the entire quilt top and backing to remove wrinkles. Remember wrinkles may not disappear during the quilting process.

        Make sure the borders lie flat with no puckering or sagging. If you are not adding borders please run a row of stay stitching around the outer edge of the quilt top close to the edge this is especially important if it has any bias edges.

        Mark the top of the quilt top and backing with a safety pin or piece of masking tape if it matters which end goes up.

        Clip off any wayward threads left over from piecing on the front and back of  the quilt top.

        If sending batting and backing please ensure they are both 4 to 6 inches larger than the quilt top on all sides.

        If the backing is seamed please ensure that the selvages have been removed from the seams. Also make sure all the ends are even and the backing is squared. Make a note if you have a preference which way you would like the backing seam to run.

        Do not pin or baste the layers, or attach the binding ahead of time.

        If you want curved corners or scalloped edges if at all possible please wait to cut these curves until after the quilting is done. To properly attach the quilt to the rollers a straight edge is the best.

        Please do not wash your quilt top after it has been pieced (since we only use inch seams washing the quilt after piecing but before quilting will fray your seams and weaken them after it has been quilted it is no problem to wash)

        Please do not use a heavily perfumed soap or detergent when prewashing your fabrics.




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